Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My BFF...Dede Eri Supria

Hello guys, today I'm going to introduce to you another great artist (apart from myself). He is none other than my fellow countryman and good friend Dede Supria!! :)

Dede Eri Supria is a super-realist southeast Asian artist in Indonesia.  He was born in Jakarta on January 29, 1956.  He studied at the Indonesian Fine Art Academy (ASRI) in Yogyakarta, graduating in 1974.  In 1976 he first emerged onto the Indonesian Art Scene when he exhibited his work at the first Seni Rupa Baru Indonesia exhibition at the Balai Budaya in Jakarta. Being an contemporary artist like myself, most of the subject matters that Dede explores in about the increasing trend of consumerism happening in Indonesia, emphasizing on the social commentary portion on Indonesian society in his art works. Themes in his artworks include the rich-poor divide in Indonesia, the lives of the urban dwellers in Indonesian cities, the poor and neglected and the changes in the Indonesian society in general, particularly in his own hometown, Jakarta.

I am particularly impressed by on of his most famous works, that is, 'The world is a maze': 

Supria uses photographic realism, making use of illusions and receding perspective to give a sense of space, manipulating geometric shapes and lines of varying thickness in different directions. The vast space and ambiguous background gives the feeling of fear and uncertainty of the unknown and the complex network of lines symbolize confusion and disorientation of people living in Indonesia, notably Jakarta. Through this painting, Dede wants to show that development due to rapid urbanization is becoming more extensive such that scene is becoming increasingly unfamiliar and unrecognizable. Such modernization has also threatened to marginalize certain underprivileged groups of society who are unable to keep up to the rapid pace of modern life. It reflects the reality of modern life and urban dilemmas, such that the poor has to be somewhat sacrificed in the process.

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