Monday, May 14, 2012

Social Changes in Indonesia

Spiritual pencerahan salah satu aspek paling penting dari karya seni saya. Tanpa itu, saya merasa bahwa setiap bagian dari karya seni saya akan kekuranganemosi, hati merasa perasaan seniman dan estetika yang sangat penting dalam memproduksi sepotong benar-benar menarik karya seni untuk penonton.

التنوير الروحي واحد من أهم جوانب خلق فني. دون ذلك، وأنا أشعر أن كل قطعة واحدة من الأعمال الفنية الخاصة بيوسوف تفتقر إلى المشاعر، من القلب، شعرت بمشاعر الفنان والجماليات التي تعتبر حاسمة في انتاج قطعة جذابة حقاعمل فني للجمهور.

Okay, now back to English...Social/ demographic changes that took place in Indonesia during this period of time is one of the most important aspects of my art creation. Without this, I feel that I would not have been able to produce artworks that are brimming with emotions, heart-felt feelings of the artist and aesthetics that are crucial in producing a piece of appealing artwork for the audience.

Most of all, I am very concerned about the rapid industrial and technological development happening here in Indonesia. I started responding more to the natural and social environment, and there is a gradual shift in my concerns and so it becomes reflected in my artworks. My artworks become more 'surrealist' in nature and I like to present them as 'a reality bundled as a dream' to the audience, such as these:

The repressive political conditions of the New Order state and the social dislocation caused by rapid industrial and technological development unquestionably affected the nature of my artistic and cultural production. I started to raise questions about gender and personal transformation and the tensions created by contrary forces of political repression and social transformation indeed affected my art. In essence, my artworks contributed to the attitudinal and social change in Indonesia.

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